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Yes really, this is the reaction I get on a regular basis whenever my job is mentioned. Seriously, if you asked any of my friends or family what I do for a living, I don’t think any of them could give you an answer better than “something to do with Google” - Just call me Chandler Bing!

It still baffles me, it’s 2017, the Internet has taken the world by storm and yet there are so many people who still aren’t aware of SEO Executives, Social Media Specialists, or any other Digital Marketers, and what they do. Well, as a Digital Marketing Manager who no longer wants to be known as being a “Transponster” here is (briefly) what I do…

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - Any business with a website will want their website to be found by potential customers online - I’m not really sure of any reason why you wouldn’t - and as pretty much all of us use Google (ok, some of you may use Bing - they do have prettier pictures after all), they want to be found in the Google search results… This is where I come in!

When you do any kind of search nowadays (I know, that makes me sound old!), you are likely to get thousands, even millions, of search results. There is so much competition in almost every industry, that it’s just impossible to get a website to the first page of the results, right? Nope, wrong! With the right on-site optimisation techniques in place, enough good quality of content, some off-site strategies, and maybe a bit of technical stuff here and there, that website could be well on it’s way to the first page of Google - Then I would just need to deal with the challenge of keeping it there!

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) - You won’t believe the amount of times I have had conversations with people who are on the first page, even the top position, of Google for all their relevant search terms but who still aren’t getting many (if any) enquiries through their website.

It’s all well good being on the first page of Google (or any other Search Engine), a website could even be getting a reasonable amount of traffic, but there may be some reason why, when a user lands on a site, it’s just not enticing them enough to pick up the phone or send that email. It’s my job to make sure the site is appealing, user-friendly, load time is kept at a minimum, and anything else that might just be putting people off the site, and trust me, it’s pretty difficult to please everyone in one website!

Copywriting - The search engine’s are pretty smart - well, that might be a bit of an understatement these days - but they still need a bit of guidance in the right direction as to what products or services are being offered. This is why good quality, and unique, content is so important; a lot of the time I find that this can be the difference between a website performing well in the search engine, or not. Writing content for a website also needs to be an ongoing thing, it needs to be kept relevant, up-to-date, and fresh to keep up with the hectic online world!

Social Media - I'm going to take a pretty obvious guess and say that you have at least one form of social media, that you just can’t live without anymore, am I right?! If not, then you’re probably missing out on a LOT!

Everyone and everything is on some form, if not all forms, of social media now, so it’s becoming imperative for businesses to join the club. Not all social media platforms are suited to all businesses, but that’s part of my job, to analyse and understand which social media platform would be best suited for our clients, and to put together a strategy to give their business a voice in the world of social media! Whether it’s to give a business a professional profile on LinkedIn to promote their service to a corporate audience, or it’s to make a business look cool and hip (I know, I know, that makes me sound far from "cool" or "hip") to grab the attention of a younger audience for their trendy new product launches; it’s my job to guide them in the right direction, “like” and “follow” the right audience, provide relevant content to engage with the right people, and generally build the businesses online presence. See, social media isn’t just about posting memes and watching cat videos, it is actually a very powerful marketing tool as well!

So, this is just a bit of an insight into what a 'Digital Marketing person' does on a day-to-day basis… Now when someone tells you their a digital marketer, you don’t just have to pretend to know what they’re talking about. My friends might even stop telling me they think I do something with Google (I’m not getting my hopes up on that one though!).