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Work Required

Brearley Greens are an independent estate agents with over 40 years of experience.

They were looking for a fully responsive website redesign that would enhance their online presence and replace their old tired looking website. 

Our Strategy

The primary aim for the client was to raise their profile online and to provide them with a fully responsive website that had a modern fresh feel.  The design needed to follow the brand guidelines and maintain brand consistency.  The clients previous site wasn't responsive so it was absolutely vital that the new site was to cater for smart phone and tablet users.

The company didn't use a property feed like most sales/letting agents so we were also tasked with providing them with a property portal to enable them to add peoperties to their website, this was achieved by bespoke programming in house allowing us to build this functionality onto their website.


Case Study

Author Experience

Project Overview

Responsive Design

Bespoke Property Portal

Website Refresh