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Work Required

Nine St John Street required a redesign to take their existing site into the modern age, whilst adding some extra functionality such as, a brochure creator.

Our Strategy

As this client had an existing website with ourselves, the CMS would just be updated to a new version, whilst keeping the core content of the website untouched.

Extra functionality in a brochure creator was required, allowing users to create a brochure of the barristers, and areas of expertise they required, instead of a full CV for each barrister.

This website needed to be updated to a more modern, yet still professional, feel and would need to incorporate modern practices to be fully responsive; working on all devices from desktop to mobile devices.

Case Study

Nine St John Street were looking to update their website with a more fresh, professional and modern feel. Being an existing client we were their first call to see how we could assist.

Nine St John Street Barristers Chambers is consistently ranked as one of the leading sets on the Northern Circuit and were the first set to be awarded the prestigious Chambers & Partners Regional Set of the Year.

As an existing client we were able to utilise the existing CMS and update it to the latest version whilst keeping the content in place. The designer created an initial set of designs which were placed into the CMS after client approval, which resulted in minimal content changes. As the CMS and content were already in place this allowed us to begin working on the brochure creator without delaying or interfering with the design and content alterations.

Author Experience

Project Overview

Website Redesign

Brochure Creator

Content Management System (CMS)

Responsive Design