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Work Required

Let Leeds came to us wanting a brand refresh, and needed their website updating to reflect the new brand whilst also helping to make the site feel new and fresh using modern techniques to help the flow of the site over multiple devices, without being over multiple domains such as,

Our Strategy

The client's old website was not mobile-friendly, nor was it powered by a CMS. This gave us the freedom to start from a blank canvas, instead of trying to retrofit the existing website with the new brand.

Once we had the base CMS and design in place, we were then able to do rapid development by developing the property feed importer, whilst adding content and doing tweaks to the design as properties and content were populated.

Once all of the content and properties were added to the website, we were able to do final optimisations for mobile-rendering purposes, using cross-browser testing to ensure the site looking and performed optimally across all devices, from desktop and laptop, to tablets and smart phones.

Case Study

Let Leeds were an existing client who had a brand refresh and came to us looking to update the existing website with the new brand.

Let Leeds are a letting agent providing a fresh and personal approach to renting in Leeds. Their main focus is pushing a lot of services online whilst keeping a local office and making moving simple; from property searching, online applications, bond payment and credit checking.

In early 2016, Ina4 started working with Let Leeds to redevelop their existing website to match the new branding they had created whilst also taking the old website into the modern age with principals like responsive design to allow cross device website flow, all powered by a CMS to allow easy content changes and properties powered by an external feed from Jupix.

Author Experience

Project Overview

Brand Refresh

Property Importer (Jupix)

Content Management System (CMS)

Responsive Design