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Work Required

Walker Smale needed a complete redesign of their current website, that had to be fully responsive to cater for all devices.

They wanted the new website to use the same colour scheme and branding from their existing website, but with a clean and modern twist.

The site needed to reflect Walker Smale's reputation as long-standing property professionals, and needed to incorporate a Jupix property importer, to display both sales and lettings properties.

Our Strategy

Given that the client had already had an existing website, it was vital that our design team used the existing colour scheme and brand guidelines to maintain a consistent online presence.

We aimed to provide them with a clean, modern, fully responsive website that worked well for mobile users, as Analytics data had shown that a high percentage of their users visited and browsed their website from mobile devices.

A Jupix property importer was written into the website, allow users to quickly search for, and view, either sales or lettings properties, depending on their requirements.

Case Study

Author Experience

Project Overview

Responsive Design

Website Refresh

Property Importer