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Inside Ina4... Meet Connor Britton

As a digital agency, we believe in, and are passionate about, creating new opportunities for both clients, and employees, of Ina4.

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winter is coming

Winter is Coming... Are You Prepared?!

Ok, sorry to disappoint, but this post isn’t really that much to do with Game of Thrones (my bad!). However, winter actually is coming (although, as with Game of Thrones, it feels like winter has been here for a while already in the UK now), and you do actually need to make sure you’re prepared, SEO-wise, for 2018...

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"Oh, you do something with Google don’t you?!"

Yes really, this is the reaction I get on a regular basis whenever my job is mentioned. Seriously, if you asked any of my friends or family what I do for a living, I don’t think any of them could give you an answer better than “something to do with Google”.

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5 star

Google’s Organic Quality Score - Is This Really a Thing?

I think there has always been a little speculation over whether Google use some kind of a “quality score” for their organic listings, as well as their ads.

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