Zelens represents a new generation of skin care developed using breakthrough scientific research in the biological functions of the skin.

Project Brief

Zelens required a multi-currency (EUR, USD, and GBP) e-Commerce website to sell their range of products, as well as information pages about the company and the ingredients they use for their products.

Payments were to be taken by RealEx Payments and orders would be exported, once paid, to a global distribution company for fulfilment.

Products offered were to be integrated into a separate control system to allow extensive flexibility of offers, without exposing the entire shop administration interface.

Our Strategy

We built this website on a out e-Commerce platform, enabling us to have maximum control over how the shop worked to deliver the experience the client was after. Payment integration from RealEx Payments was required, as well as an order exporter for paid orders to the distribution network.

The website had to adhere to modern standards such as, responsiveness, and be multi-currency capable, with each product requiring a USD, EUR, and a GBP price.

An offer manager was also required for this client, to allow their staff the ability to manage product offers with a high level of customisation (date & time, to/from, currency, number of products, cart value, etc.) without exposing the entire shop administration interface.

Our e-Commerce platform enabled us to easily tackle each of these tasks, having built in payment gateway configurations and multi-currency from the beginning. The export module was created to send all paid orders out to the distribution network automatically, and the offer manager was added as a final layer.

Client Requirements:

E-commerce Website

RealEx Payments Integration

Order Exporter

Offer Manager

Multi-currency / Multi-price

Project Screenshots

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Case Study

Dr. Marko Lens was after a website to have an online presence for his products and approached Ina4 to see what we could offer.

Dr. Marko Lens is an internationally renowned authority in the field of skin ageing and skin cancer. He is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in London and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. Dr. Lens holds a Master of Science degree from Harvard University and a PhD degree from the Oxford University in the field of skin cancer.

After discovering the clients needs we put a plan together on how to best structure the site as there would be information pages about ingredients that would link to products, sections that had to be colour coded, an offer manager extracted from the main shop, order fulfilment exporter and multi currency and price per product. The payment gateway integration was straight forward as our e-commerce platform already supported RealEx leaving us to simply build the site and test. The designer put together a range of designs highlighting the different sections of the site and how they would appear with a large focus on the "Zelens Garden" feature, detailing the ingredients used in the products and which products they are used in. Getting this right in functionality for the client was key for them and they worked with us to precision for this section.

Whilst the designs were being finalised products and content were loaded into the site with test orders already being placed to allow us to work on integrating the offer manager and order exporter. Once designs were approved they were overlaid on the site quickly adding shine and allowing the client to give the site full approval.



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