Michael Bublé Perfume

E-commerce platform for a Global Singing Sensation

Project Brief

This client required a multi-currency e-Commerce website to cater for the launch of global singing sensation, Michael Buble's new perfume.

They wanted orders to be exported to a distribution company for fulfilment.

Our Strategy

As this was a brand new e-Commerce website, we opted to use the Magento 2 platform for this project.

Payment integration from WorldPay was required as well as, an order exporter for paid orders to distribution network. The website had to adhere to modern standards, and be fully responsive, as well as multi-currency capable therefore, creating individual sites, each requiring a different pricing instead of an exchange rate conversion per product.

The Magento 2 platform allowed us to easily create 3 websites - one for the US, one for the EU, and one for UK users - whilst still being within the same administration panel. A WorldPay payment module was then created to integrate the clients' preferred payment gateway into the site, and an export module was created to send all paid orders out to the distribution network, allowing the client to concentrate on the product available and require no further maintenance as the site traffic, and orders grew.

Client Requirements:

Magento 2 E-commerce Website.

WorldPay Payment Gateway Integration

Order Exporter

Responsive Design

Multi-currency / Multi-price

Project Screenshots

Case Study

Michael Bublé was launching a new fragrance for women through a company called Fragrance Dynamics. Fragrance Dynamics contacted us, based on previous work we had done for a client of their's, to see if we would be able to assist in the launch of this new project.

Fragrance Dynamics create a range of premium signature fragrances and beauty products from concept to production. Michael Bublé is a global singing sensation producing a new fragrance with Fragrance Dynamics. 

After initial meetings to discover the client's needs, we discovered all the key points we needed to move forward and began developing a new website on the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. Magento 2 allowed us to easily act upon some of the key concerns of the client - WorldPay payment gateway integration, fulfilment exports and multiple shops for different currencies and prices all within a single administration panel. The designer started to create an initial set of designs based on branding supplied by Fragrance Dynamics with client feedback quickly finalising the design.

Creation of modules for WorldPay integration and an order export began while the designs were being finalised and products loaded into the bare bones Magento shop allowing for the final designs to be laid over content and minor tweaks to complete where required with minimal time wasted.

The launch of the website had to coincide with a live performance in New York by Michael Bublé and measures were taken to make sure high traffic pushed from the performance and opening would not phase the availability of the website at all.



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